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Outsourcing your food blog's tasks like a boss

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

A food bloggers job is hard and require lots of different tasks, this is why outsourcing some of these tasks can be awesome!

Finding a freelancer is very easy, all you have to do is to go to any of the most famous freelancer marketplaces and find your champion.

Here a re a few marketplaces that I'm often use:

There are more digital marketplaces, however these are my go to ones.

Let me know, if you'd like me to write a post about choosing a freelancer.

When outsourcing, describing a task is crucial. The task should be simple to understand and laser-focused on the end result.

A while ago, I was terrible at this. I was spending lots of time communicating back and forth in order to get something and then received a poorly deliverable.

Check out my top 5 tips to instantly improve your next outsourced project. Let me know what think 😎

Focus on what's important

Outsourcing a task is already hard for both sides, simplify by focusing on the crucial stuff first. Remember, extras can be added later with less effort, better quality lower costs.

Ask yourself, if my budget was 50% less, what would I give up? What’s the important core?

Short yet focused title

Help the reader to quickly understand the context, use a short title that will give context about the desired end result. Such titles are usually work great “Vendor settings payments section”.

Pro tip: For multiple tasks around the same subject, try using this format “[Vendor settings] payments section”.

Break to subtitles

I’m using the same template with minor changes for lots of different tasks.

  • "Start here" - What’s important to know before starting the task?

  • "The task" - Imagine that you’re explaining to a 6 year old, you’ll have to be short yet very simple and informative

  • "The delivery" - What do you expect to receive? Quality standard? In which format?

The best way to explain

Use screenshots, videos and links as you can to explain better. I like adding references to other products I like.

Pro tip: I like using “cloudapp” for mac which takes the screenshot and generates a sharable link. Here’s an article I’ve found for PC users.

Don’t leave anything to chance

Invest the time and think ahead of problems, missing explanations and edge cases that can come up. Because they will. Provide as much materials and explanations beforehand, it’s time and headache that will be saved later.

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